Monday, May 18, 2015

Book Review: Falling Together

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Marisa de los Santos © 2012

Cat, Will and Pen are college best friends. The wild, charismatic member of the group, Cat, is getting married and she convinces Pen and Will to make a clean break of their friendships, rather than enduring a slow painful tear as their lives tow them apart. Will and Pen reluctantly agree and for six years they all go their separate ways.

Through Pen's eyes we see the longing for her friends as she struggles to cope with her father's death, and single parenthood while the father's on-again-off-again wife does her best to derail Pen's life.

Then an enigmatic email, tinged with desperation, arrives in Will and Pen's email box from Cat, asking them to go to their college reunion. What follows is a story of two people, and Cat's estranged husband caught in the event horizon of a black hole in which Cat is its singularity. They swirl, clash, and fall in survive being spaghettified and eventually find themselves and each other.

I found myself wanting to be critical of this story, but this story wasn't meant to be dissected. I enjoyed this book thoroughly, it was light to read, interesting, and the Will and Pen characters were relatable.  This book reminded me of how fun it is to slip into someone else's skin during a pivotal time in their lives, and let all the different incarnations of ourselves reconcile and become something new and lovely.

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